Welcome to my ex-collection of pumpclips for sale

    Pumpclips are badges fitted to beer pump handles to indicate which real ales are available.  Most pumpclips that are used now are plastic, metal, ceramic or laminated paper, but they have also been made of enamel, clay, slate, formica, wood and even labels attached to CD's!

   I originally started this website to illustrate the pumpclips in my collection which originally totalled around 15,000! However, due to lack of space, I have now decided to sell most of the collection. Those shown here are now available for sale, currently around 500 pumpclips remain from 100 breweries.

Click here to see the pumpclips available

   The majority of pumpclips are plastic but a few are either card or formica. It is not always evident from the images what the pumpclip is made of. If you send me a list of those you require, I will reply indicating any that are not available, also, what they are made of if they are not plastic. I do have an Excel spreadsheet indicating what each pumpclip is made of,  Click here to view or download it.

*** NEW ***

I've now decided to sell most of my ceramic, enamel and metal pumpclips. Click on the links below.
Ceramic                Enamel                Metal
All will be sold for 6.00 each plus postage. Most pumpclips do not have fixings except where stated. However, I do have a very small number available.


Email me at:

if you wish to purchase any pumpclips shown on these pages.

The plastic pumpclips cost 75p each, post and packing costs will be added to the total.  Note: I will accept orders from outside the UK, but those buyers must use Paypal.

Please note:
I do not produce or manufacture pumpclips or have any details of pumpclip manufacturers

I do not purchase pumpclips - However, if you are selling collections of pumpclips,
you can contact Howard - His email address is: howie2009@hotmail.co.uk

Last Updated:
20th July 2018

   Dave (Leatherhead, Surrey, UK)